We understand that sometimes you may have a quick query or something has you baffled with your device.¬†Whether it be a new feature after a software update or a setting you don’t quite understand, the Technology Centre team are here to help you. Our team use these devices everyday and will attempt to solve your query as quickly as possible.

If the issue turns out to be a little more complicated, such as a technical fault, we can book the device into our Service Department for our Technicians to assess and repair.

Service Pricing

Firmware Password Reset $99.00
Mac OS Assessment Fee $99.00
Insurance reports $99.00
Labour (per hour) $179.00
Clean install Mac OS (Inc. full AST) $139.00
Downgrade MacOS+ Backup+ Restore Data $199.00 (minimum)
Time Machine Backup + 1TB HDD $199.00
Time Machine Backup + 2TB HDD $249.00