Incurring Apple MacBook issues? Our team of experts at the Technology Centre are trained rigorously to fix any issue that comes their direction be it Apple Laptop RAM Upgrade, Repair of Apple Laptop Logic Board, Installation of Macbook Pro, Software Update issues, Installation of macOS, etc. We’re the best in the business in Tauranga, NZ as we have the parts and devices to get your Apple Laptop fixed affordably in no time. 

At the Technology Centre, we fix regular issues each and every day on devices like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Retina, and MacBook Pro. After the issue is fixed, it is tested and retested to guarantee that your Apple Laptop is performing flawlessly. 

Service Pricing

Firmware Password Reset $99.00
Mac OS Assessment Fee $99.00
Insurance reports $99.00
Labour (per hour) $179.00
Clean install Mac OS (Inc. full AST) $139.00
Downgrade MacOS+ Backup+ Restore Data $199.00 (minimum)
Time Machine Backup + 1TB HDD $199.00
Time Machine Backup + 2TB HDD $249.00